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Brandi Milloy is a TV Host, Food Reporter, Lifestyle and Parenting Expert and an at home cook known for her simple and fun approach to food. She is currently the host of MOMHOOD, a successful parenting podcast, alongside fellow mom and friend, Orly Shani. She appears as an expert on KTLA, "Home & Family", "Dr. Phil", "The Kelly Clarkson Show", "Access Hollywood" and many others.
Tip #1: Bring the carnival to your backyard with a few fun and colorful games using regular everyday items!
DIY Backyard Carnival Image

Make a DIY ball toss by stacking plastic cups. Create a make-believe car race using a pool noodle and some tape! Set up a game of Go Fish by filling jars with water and a few toy fish. Take turns trying to land a ping pong in a fish jar! Enjoy a DQ® Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard® Treat while you're at your home fair.

    Grocery List:

  • Plastic Cups
  • Balls
  • Pool Noodle
  • Tape
  • Jars or Vases
  • Toy Fish
  • Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard® Treat from your local DQ® store
Tip #2: Planting an herb garden is a fun way to teach your children about nature, the responsibilities of gardening and other life skills
DIY Backyard Herb Garden Image

Get aromatic herbs like lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary, chamomile and basil. Plant them in individual pots or one large pot, depending on your space. Treat everyone to a DQ® Blizzard® Treat after you've planted your herbs. Encourage your children to keep a "green" journal when they water, weed and harvest the herbs. Make it a family routine of checking on the plants, nibbling their leaves and observing their growth.

    To-Do List:

  • Go to Nursery
  • Pick Up Herbs, Soil, Pots
  • Stop by a DQ® restaurant and get a Blizzard® Treat
Tip #3: Set up an Ice Block Treasure Hunt by freezing little toys in a bowl of water or ice cube trays
DIY Backyard Treasure Hunt Image

Give your children paint brushes, squirt bottles, spoons and water to try and free the toys. This open-ended play and sensory activity lasts for hours. Watch as your children enjoy the process of digging and discovering each treasure!

Tip #4: Stay cool this summer by building an epic DQ®-inspired backyard water park featuring your very own "Carwash Water Slide!"
DIY Backyard Water Park Image

Check out this easy tutorial video to learn how to set one up in your backyard and visit DQSummerFun.com for complete instructions. For another fun water game, make your own Splash Stars by tying strips of sponges together to create a star-shaped super soaker. Whether you use them like a water balloon toss or for dodge ball, you can continue soaking them in water for hours of fun! Grab a Blizzard® Treat from the NEW DQ® Summer Blizzard Menu and enjoy a summer you'll always remember!

Tip #5: Channel your inner Picasso by combining bubbles with paint to create bubble art!
DIY Backyard Bubble Art Image

This is an activity the whole family can enjoy and just takes a few household items. Just add dishwashing liquid and a little sugar to several cups filled with water. Add your paint color and stir. Then using a straw, blow air into each cup to create bubbles. Place paper on top of colorful bubbles over and over again to create bubble art! You can also dip a bubble wand into your mixture and blow bubbles onto your paper. Enjoy a Blizzard® Treat while you create the brightest, bubbliest art!

Adult supervision required for all tips. Stay safe and be mindful of social distancing and safety guidelines in your area.

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